How to practise yoga nidra


Follow the instructions as closely as possible for best results.

  • Place: Choose a quiet place free from disturbances. It must be well-ventilated, at a comfortable temperature, not too bright nor completely dark. If possible, place your head to the south or the east.
  • Time: Choose a convenient time when you are unlikely to be interrupted—early morning, or before sleep, or at a transition time between work and home—ideally the same everyday. Practise on an empty stomach, or at least 4h after meals.
  • Equipment: Place a firm mat or a thick blanket on the floor, creating an even and smooth surface large enough for your whole body. Do not use your usual bed. Cover yourself with a light blanket or sheet. Use a thin pillow under your neck and shoulders and an eye mask, if necessary. Keep your device a little distance away from you. Use as-is or with earphones, as convenient.
  • Clothing: Choose clothing that is light, loose, and free of restrictions. Remove your footwear, belt, glasses, watch, jewellery, or hair accessories, if any. Empty your pockets.
  • Posture: Lie down comfortably in Shavasana (Corpse pose, illustrated below). Your body is flat on the floor, spine straight. Your legs are relaxed and slightly apart in a V shape. Your feet fall naturally out to either side. Your arms are slightly away from your body. Your hands are relaxed, and palms are facing up. Your head is centred, not falling to the left or the right. Your face is relaxed. Your eyes are closed. If there are others practising near you, keep a certain distance and do not touch or disturb each other.

Listen to the simple instructions. You will be guided all the way through to the end of the practice.


Sankalpa is an intention or resolve stated created with awareness and stated with feeling. Create a short, clear, precise, positive phrase or sentence that carries its essence. Use the same language and wording every time.


Externalise and come out of the practice gently. Give yourself some time to absorb its effects. Breathe. Drink some water. If there are others practising near you and they have fallen asleep, do not awaken them abruptly. Give them time.