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Why do I have to lie down? Why can’t I do it sitting up?

Can I use my own bed?

I keep falling asleep. Help?

Can my kids use this?

3. Who can use this track?
Gentle Relaxation (10:50) is a short practice suitable for anyone who would like a quick and gentle introduction to yoga nidra. It is safe for everyone, even kids. You may use it when you are anxious or exhausted but short on time, to relax quickly in a stressful situation, to develop habitual relaxation, and to build your practice. If you have any doubts, fears, concerns, specific health problems, questions—please write to me.

4. Where and when can I use this track?
Anywhere, anytime. You can even listen to this track sitting with your eyes closed if you are out somewhere you cannot lie down, while travelling, for instance. But please do not use this track while driving or operating machinery.

5. What exactly will I experience?
All you have to do is lie down comfortably and listen to the simple instructions. You will be guided systematically into a state of deep physical, mental, and emotional relaxation with inner awareness. There are three stages: Preparation > Body scan > Externalisation.

6. Why is the body scan fast? Is this relaxing?
All parts of our body have corresponding points in the brain. We follow a specific body scan sequence with carefully-chosen instructions to achieve specific results. We move quickly to ‘trap’ the mind so it doesn’t wander away. Imagine that you’re sparking a light at each part and then moving on, without dwelling too long on any one. At the end of the practice, the body/brain complex becomes aware, yet relaxed. Every part feels vital and energised. The mind feels lucid and clear.

The brainwaves start changing corresponding to deep states of relaxation. This scientifically-proven fact becomes very palpable in longer nidras and with continued practice.

The reason we think of this as work and not relaxation is because we have become used to plonking down, eating and drinking and watching TV and calling it relaxation. We can do better than this kind of zombification and aggressive body/brain overload.


Where can I download the app?

Is it available for other operating systems?

How much does it cost?

I notice a bug/ the app is acting funny. How can I get support to fix this?




  • What are your qualifications to teach yoga nidra?


❧ Gentle Relaxation (10:50)

In 10min, you can reduce stress, relax deeply, and start healing yourself. You can start benefiting from Yoga Nidra, an authentic yogic technique rooted in tradition and proven by science. No experience necessary. All, including kids, are welcome to benefit from this nidra and to join our group ‘Yoga Nidra Open’.

Growing up in beautiful southern India, I learned the first steps of yoga as a child from my grandfather, a disciple of Swami Sivananda Saraswati. I’m an initiated yogini, teacher of hatha yoga, and founder of a yoga non-profit that creates service projects for women, children, and those with special needs. My expression of yoga is inclusive, healing, and transformational. I have over 11 years of study and practice and have been teaching for over eight. Itinerant, I now focus on deepening my studies and practice.

You and I—we are not so different after all; the modern condition has us all. I find yoga nidra particularly useful in this context: simple in practice, yet radical in results. At the same time, it opens doors to inner exploration and deep spiritual work for those who wish to go further. I have trained in and follow the structure set out by the Bihar School of Yoga.

1. What is yoga nidra?
The Sanskrit word yoga means union or perfect awareness, and nidra means sleep. In other words, under guided instructions, you enter a state of deep relaxation with awareness, creating a unique and powerful state of consciousness that has beneficial applications. You are in charge of your experience at all times.

2. What benefits may I expect?
❧ Relaxes deeply
❧ Reduces stress and anxiety
❧ Reduces depression
❧ Reduces pain and dependency on drugs
❧ Reduces addictions
❧ Provides relief from insomnia and improves quality of sleep
❧ Improves clarity of thought and memory
❧ Improves learning capacity, acquisition of new skills, and creativity
❧ Improves overall health and healing

…and others. You will get better results with regular and consistent practice. It is not, however, intended to replace qualified medical advice and/or treatment.


7. Where can I find longer nidras?
For two longer eight-stage nidras—Deep Relaxation (24:35) and Deep Healing and Energising (31:28)—download my iOS app Yoga Nidra: Sacred Sleep (link top of screen).

Deep Relaxation (24:35)
This is a longer practice that takes you systematically through eight stages to a state of deep relaxation. You may use it regularly when you want the full experience, to clear your mind, to develop habitual relaxation and awareness, and to build your practice.

Deep Healing and Energising (31:28)
The longest practice, this takes you systematically through eight stages to a state of deep healing and energising. It visualises the seed syllables of the Sanskrit alphabet at the chakras, the psychic-energetic centres of the body—an authentic tantric practice called matrka nyasa. You may use it regularly to create deep healing and energising effects, for internal spiritual work, and to build your practice.

If you like high-quality digital albums, try:
❧ Bandcamp: http://kanyakanchana.bandcamp.com
❧ CDBaby: http://cdbaby.com/cd/kanyakanchana
❧ iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/en/album/id1115051180
❧ Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Yoga-Nidra-Sacred-Kanya-Kanchana/dp/B01FTY6KTG

8. Where can I learn more about yoga nidra?
Lots of yoga nidra goodies await you at www.alarmelyoga.com/yoganidra

9. How do I contact you?
Message me on this app or email me at kanya.kanchana@alarmelyoga.com.